The World’s Happiest Boy

Ever since LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham was announced back in May, Tad has been counting down days.  Which wasn’t easy, because the first release date just said “Fall 2014.”  Then it moved to November 30th (and Tad marked it on his calendar), and then to November 11th (so Tad crossed out the first date and marked the 11th).

And as soon as Halloween was over, he was counting down the days.

Because we knew that far back that he was going to to want this video game, we told people before his birthday that he was saving his money for this game.  So when it was available for pre-order, he had gift cards and birthday cash all ready.

And because the Webmaster got a Prime account, we decided to order it from Amazon and get “same day delivery.”

As we have now learned, “same day delivery” means (in the fine print) “before 8 pm” on that day.

So, at 7 pm, after an entire day of bouncing around (and a crazy false alarm when UPS showed up at 12:30 pm and left a package at our neighbor’s house), the UPS truck pulled up.  I met the driver at the door, with Tad jumping on the couch behind me, proclaiming “This is the happiest day of my LIFE!”

(You’d think that UPS would say, “Let’s just send a truck to this cul-de-sac ONCE today,” but apparently that never entered their minds or computers.)

When I opened the package and handed the game box to Tad, he shrieked with glee and proclaimed, “I’m so happy I could cry!”

All of Tad's wishes have come true

Because of the late hour, he got an hour and a half to play before we made him shut it down and go to bed.  But he went to bed the happiest boy in the world.

And note to self – it would have taken less time to load all 4 kids in the minivan, drive to Target (or any other big box store), purchase the game there, and drive back home than it did to sit around and wait for Amazon and UPS to come through with this game today.  I don’t think we’ll do that again.  Amazon – and Prime – are great for many things, but “same day delivery” isn’t one of them.  At least, not until they get delivery drones.  And even then, who knows?

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