Fall at the Zoo

The school district decided to make a four day weekend out of the Veterans Day holiday, which means that we had a very rare, odd Monday when everything was open and time to spend.

And the best part?  The sun was out.

Squinting in the sunshine

Though little eyes always look at the camera better if the sun isn’t in their faces.

Happy Thumper

The goal of the day was to really wear the kids out.  So Thumper did quite a bit more walking than usual, even though we had the stroller with us.  Ane was a big help keeping an eye on him and staying with him.

Ane and Thumper

She showed him how to “drive” the tractor.

Look out!  Baby driving!

We made sure to visit our favorite spots.

Rerun and Thumper watch the penguins

Playing on the boat

Rerun visits his favorite big tortoise

At the play area, big sister helping baby brother

And by the end of our visit, Rerun’s legs gave out and he struck a deal to hitch a ride.  He sat in the stroller and held Thumper on his lap, while I did all the pushing.

Mommy's getting a workout

We stopped for cupcakes on the way home, and the little boys were out so hard by the time we got home, they kept on napping.  My plan worked!

Plus, we were outside getting fresh air and sunshine and exercise.  We made the most of their extra day off!

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