Kid Potpourri

A few odds and ends stories about the kids…

As part of her ongoing reading program in class, Ane has to read a minimum of 150 minutes a week (and more if she wants full points).  This means that I often hand her books that she wouldn’t normally choose to read herself.  Recently, she finished reading “Little Women,” and I mentioned this at dinner Sunday evening at Friend and Doc’s house.

Doc turned to Ane.  “Are you going to read the sequel, ‘Slightly Bigger Women’?”

I don’t think Ane stopped laughing for five minutes.


I found Thumper rubbing his eye pretty hard last evening while he was sitting in the highchair.  It looked like something was stuck in his eye, and I managed to get his hands away from his eye so I could take a look.

The poor baby had gotten a chunk of his eyelashes stuck under the eyelid, and it was driving him nuts.

I managed to lift the eyelid and get the lashes to pop out.  Instant relief.  What trials these amazingly long lashes create for this boy!


Tad completely geeked out all last weekend on “LEGO Batman 3” – maybe a little too much.  He cried when we made him turn it off on Sunday afternoon.  However, I can tell that he is making progress with his problem-solving skills, because he is able to work through the levels in the game without getting overly frustrated.

Rerun was happy to see his brother crying, because it meant that it was finally his turn to play.  His favorite game right now is “Toy Story Midway Mania,” which is a game based off the Disney Parks attraction.  It’s like an old-fashioned shooting gallery game, and he loves it.  I can’t wait to take him to Disneyland where he can go on the ride and play the game in 3-D for real.

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