Rerun Speaks – Money Talks

Nana and Papa came up and visited us this last Saturday.  I was at home with the little boys when they arrived.  The Webmaster was out with Ane and Tad seeing “Big Hero 6” at the theater (the kids say they LOVED it), but they brought lunch home for all of us.

After lunch, Rerun caught Papa with his wallet out.  “Papa, can I have a dollar?” he asked, catching a glimpse of cash.

And Papa, because he is a grandfather, gave him a dollar.  I was simultaneously amused and horrified at Rerun’s casual begging.

But what was funnier was how long it took his older sister and brother to catch on to the fact that all he’d done was just ASK for it.  It wasn’t until I was helping Rerun put his dollar in his piggy bank that Ane and Tad cottoned on to the fact that hey, they ought to ask Papa for a dollar, too!

They each got a dollar.  Thumper, however, did not – he was napping, and he needs to learn to talk in sentences first.

But I hope Papa realizes that he might have set a really bad precedent.  And that he should start carrying a lot of $1 bills for when he sees the kids.

One Response to “Rerun Speaks – Money Talks”

  1. Ressis
    November 25th, 2014 04:09

    Rerun can be such a punk sometimes. . . I love that about him.