Ane Speaks – Geography Issues

Today is the day of the Multicultural Thanksgiving in Ane’s class.  Her teacher, Mr. R, does this every year.  The students are asked to do a little research into their ethnic background, and then bring in a family dish representing that ethnicity.

When Ane brought this news home, she and I talked over what she would take in.  Her first impulse was “funyu chicken,” which I could have made, but as we’re supposed to also provide the recipe, and Obachan’s measurements of “one jar of funyu, call me if you have problems” wasn’t going to cut it.  Plus, telling people where to buy fermented bean curd is always interesting.  So, we went in a completely different direction with a dessert instead.  I got Grandma’s recipe and borrowed her little tart tins, and we made sandkaker.  Sandkaker is a Norwegian cookie that is molded into pans, like little tart shells, which Great-Grandma always filled with cherry pie filling.  In later years, she’s also filled them with lemon curd.  I decided that even though I love cherry pie filling in them, we would opt for something that didn’t require a big 29 ounce can to be opened.  So, Ane’s sandkaker tarts will be filled with either lemon curd or strawberry preserves.

Somehow, Ane hadn’t quite made the connection that sandkaker were a Norwegian treat.  “I’m Norwegian, too???” she yelped.

“Uhhh…. yeah,” I replied.  “Uncle Oddball has been doing lots of research on this.  Your great-great-great-grandfather came to America from Norway.  We know he was here before 1898 because he served in the Spanish-American War.  So, between my side of the family and Daddy’s side, you’ve got some Scandinavian blood in you.”

“What’s Scandinavian?”

“Scandinavia is the collective term for the northern European countries – you know, the ones on top on the map.  It usually means Sweden, Norway, and Finland.  Your great-great-grandmother on Daddy’s side came from Finland.”

“Oh.”  Ane paused.  “Is my Scandinavian blood why I’m not afraid of heights?”


“You said they were on top and north!  Doesn’t that mean high up?”

“No!  North as in… north!  I’m talking about a map, not elevation!  Or mountains!  Good grief, Ane, look at a map!”

“Okay, okay!”  Ane left the kitchen, and then came back a few minutes later.  “You’re going to put this on the blog, aren’t you?”


“I knew it.”

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  1. Ressis
    November 28th, 2014 06:06

    She needs an ATLAS!!