Tad Speaks – Good Smells

We need to have a talk with Tad about personal boundaries.

Although he now wants “privacy” for the bathroom, which is good, Tad still doesn’t extend that courtesy to other people, especially me.  Tad loves sniffing me.  He loves “good smells” like perfume and deodorant, and he will smell me to check for them.

Yesterday at speech therapy, he was hugging his therapist and pushing the personal boundaries envelope.  Then he asked, “B, do you smell good?” … and then he stuck his nose in her armpit.  

He immediately backed off, with his nose wrinkled.

His speech therapist looked at me and said, “I went to the gym today.”

Tad then pounced on me, stuck his nose in my armpit, and announced, “My mom’s armpit smells BEAUTIFUL.”

The speech therapist and I both were desperately trying – and failing – not to crack up.

Oh, Tad….

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