Going Home Sort-of-Sick

I put Rerun on his bus yesterday morning without any problems.  He’d had a yogurt for breakfast and all seemed well.

As the older two were eating their own breakfasts, I got a phone call from Rerun’s teacher, Ms. M, who informed me that he’d needed to go potty first thing this morning (not a concern), but he took a very long time.  And when they went to check on him, they found him doubled up on the bathroom floor, saying his tummy hurt.  Could I please come get him?

I promised to do so once Ane and Tad were off on their buses, so I got them squared away and out the door, packed up Thumper (still in his sleeper – hey, it was fleece and he didn’t need to be walking outside anyway), and drove over to the preschool.

As I entered the main office, I heard… very loud snoring.

The nurse, the office manager, and another teacher all looked at me and smiled.  Yup, that was Rerun, snoring so loud in the nurse’s office (which is just off the main office) that everyone could hear him.

“He gets it from his father,” I sighed.  “I’ve already said that I pity his future wife.”

Rerun came out of his super-snoring power nap, and I asked him what was wrong.  “My tummy hurts,” he said, patting his middle.  He had no fever, and though he was tired, there were no other symptoms.

I got him into the car, and because I needed to take one small detour, I handed him the iPod to play with.  “I feel better now,” he sighed aloud.

The little snot.

Once we were home, I gave him Tylenol and made him eat a banana.  My theory was that he had some amazing tummy bubbles, because he’d pretty much refused to eat dinner the night before.  I can often end up with stomach pains myself if I skip meals.  I knew that the Tylenol would take the edge off the pain, and the banana would be a good food in his stomach.

He then asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I gave him that.  He ate it all.

He then took to the bathroom for about 20 minutes and took care of some business (if you catch my drift).

As he flushed, he announced, “I feel all better now!”


Next time, eat dinner, kid.  Because you will not get to use this “get out of school free” card again if I can help it.

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