On the Up Side

The older kids all have clean and healthy teeth.

It just shouldn’t be this much of a struggle to take them to the dentist.  Really.

The first thing I hear when I walk through the door is “Make him/her go first!”

Followed by Rerun’s virtuoso solo performance of “Cry Loud, Cry Long” while the dental hygienist cleans his teeth and his mother keeps his mouth pried open.  And his baby brother was sitting on him.  (Hey, I needed both hands free and this way, Rerun wasn’t wiggling.)

Mommy needs a hot cup of tea, aspirin, and chocolate after that trip.  Good thing we only do this twice a year.

However, next June, Thumper is scheduled to join the party.  God help us all.

One Response to “On the Up Side”

  1. Nana
    December 18th, 2014 08:02

    Would love to hear a repeat performance of “Cry Loud, Cry Long”! You painted quite the picture.