Flashback Friday

There’s been plenty of chilly temperatures lately, but no snow yet.

So, here’s today’s flashback of the first time Thumper saw snow.

December 2013 - snow!

He was so little that he wasn’t even walking in it!

I really wish I could get some snow.  About six inches in the backyard would be perfect.  And only in the backyard.  Especially for Rerun, because he loves snow.  Here’s an additional flashback of little Rerun, from three years ago, when he would just sit outside in the snow, happy as a clam.

January 2012 - happy little Rerun

Well, since it won’t be snowing this weekend, we’ll be watching the Seahawks game instead!

One Response to “Flashback Friday”

  1. Ressis
    January 9th, 2015 10:23

    You want snow? I can spare a couple feet. Come over here and get it.