Tad, the Happy Master Builder

LEGO is either a marketing genius or pure evil.  Or both.

Tad really wanted the upcoming LEGO Batman 3 sets for Christmas.  He even put them on his Christmas list for Santa.  Small problem – those sets were going to be released January 1st.  Tad was not happy when I told him he’d have to rewrite his list.

When the catalog arrived just after Christmas, he found the new sets and began drooling.  He and I counted up all his money – the gift cards he’d saved from his birthday, plus the cash in his fire truck bank – and he had enough to buy the three sets he REALLY wanted.  (He still wants the other ones, too, but these were the ones he wanted first.)

So, I promised him that on January 2nd, we would go to the LEGO Store.  He did not let me forget.  And we went.  They had everything on his list, and he spent all his “monies.”

Tad and his bag of goodies

There was not a happier boy at the mall.

And when we got home, it was time to build and bask in the glory of the brand-new boxes.

New sets!

Then the building began.  Can I just say, again, how grateful I am to NOT have to spend my time building these sets anymore!  (I did place a few stickers, but that’s not a big deal.)  Rerun had a set of his own to build, too (I did have to give him some help).

Build party!

Nothing more fun than the payoff after the long wait.  And Tad had waited a LONG time.  But he adores his new LEGO sets – he built all of them over two days, and they have been pretty much been living on the kitchen table ever since.  Someday, we’ll find someplace else to put them.

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