Fixing the Math

The bottom line?  Ane hates math.  The other bottom line?  Her father and I don’t care that she hates it.  She still has to do it.

But we do care about the fact that she is pretty much failing math in a big way.  And it didn’t seem to matter what we did.  She is enrolled in extra math help at school.  I worked with her.  The Webmaster worked with her.  Auntie worked with her all summer.  Grandma has worked with her, too.  None of us were having much success.  And then it turned into her just flat-out not caring if she was able to pass math or not.

Desperate times call for drastic measures.

So we got a hold of a friend at church, who happens to be a math teacher who also tutors at her home.  I don’t think Ane really believed me when I announced to her that she would begin seeing Mrs. B (who has known her since she was born) for math help.  I believe tears were involved.  But after her first tutoring session, crow was involved.

She’s had a few weeks’ worth of tutoring sessions now, and she looks forward to going.  Her math issues have not been solved overnight, but I can definitely see an improvement in her attitude.  And an improvement in her grades to boot.

It was also a good lesson for the Webmaster and myself.  We have been used to dealing with Ane’s issues by ourselves, and getting experts to deal with the boys.  Sometimes, even the kid that you think you can deal with the best… still needs an expert’s help.

One Response to “Fixing the Math”

  1. Denise
    January 24th, 2015 16:29

    There is few things less productive than a child taking tutoring from Mom (or Dad). One of the reasons I’ve been successful as a tutor is very simply that I’m not that kid’s mom. Works every single time. Sigh.