Never Let Food Interfere With Naptime

Thumper is on quite a tight schedule these days.  Now that he and Ane share a bedroom (yes, that FINALLY happened right after Ane’s birthday – a belated Christmas present to the Webmaster and myself, and everyone is sleeping well now), he sleeps through the night and wakes up at 8 am with Ane and Tad.  Rerun gets up at 6:45 am in order to catch his bus at 7:15 (poor kid, because preschool starts at 7:55 am), and when he gets home from school at 10:45-ish, he is more than ready for lunch.  I usually give him a snack, and then have a full lunch a little later.

But not too much later, or….


Oops.  Can’t push lunch too far past noon, or this happens.

Then he naps until the older two get home from school, usually, and then goes to bed ready to sleep.

I am SO grateful that he is sleeping through the night, and so is Ane!  There’s a story in that for another day.

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