Rerun Speaks – You Smell, Mom

Rerun can get really mouthy.  Good thing he’s so cute.

Rerun gives the cheesy grin

He can also get really irrational when he’s tired.  And on days when he doesn’t have school, he’s liable to skip naps.  So, on Saturday, he was both mouthy and cranky when I informed him it was bathtime.

“I don’t WANT to take a bath!!!”  he yelled.

I teasingly replied, “Well, you need it – you’re stinky!”

Indignant, my preschooler shot back, “Well, you smell like muffins!”

I stared at him, trying to figure out if that was an insult.  I have no idea how his mind works.

The bath did not improve his mood, and when I tried to tuck him in bed, he yelled, “I can’t go to bed!  BED IS CLOSED!!!”

Nice try, kid.

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