A Sunny Winter Day at the Zoo

It’s the end of the semester for the kids, so they all had a day off of school that wasn’t a holiday.  Which meant less crowds anywhere we decided to go.

So we went to the zoo!

The kids in one of the African huts

My monkeys

Thumper is wearing Tad’s old monkey harness.  Ane really wanted to give it a try.  She discovered “walking” a toddler is much harder than she thought it would be.

Ane "walks" her brother

We had a couple of really great moments at the zoo today (where friend Lisa and her son the Bean joined us) – first, the zoo’s newest babies, a triplet set of lion cubs born last October 24th, were out today!

Two of the cubs

Dad checks on the cubs

Dad and his cubs

It was truly amazing!  And the kids absolutely loved it.  The only difficult part was all the adults with huge cameras set up on tripods who were hogging all the viewing spots so they could get good pictures.

We also had a very entertaining visit with one of the jaguars.

Hello, jaguar!

Thumper was definitely intrigued by the kitty who was bigger than him.

"Look at this, Mom!"

Ane got some good pictures, because the jaguar seemed totally content to pose.

Hello, girl with camera!

And even at the zoo, you can tell what’s on everyone’s mind.

The 12th Man flag at the penguin exhibit

Even the penguins are cheering for the Seahawks!

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