Tad Speaks – Different Cookies, Please

I made a double batch of gingersnaps last week.  They are one of my favorite cookies, plus Rerun really has a thing for gingerbread.  He loves the flavor and the bite of ginger and molasses together.  Thumper also seems to have the same tastes, because both of the little boys absolutely adored the Trader Joe’s gingerbread men cookies this last Christmas season.  Thumper loved them so much that I caught him trying to open the extra box that I have in the garage.  The little stinker.

The gingersnaps have been a big hit with them.  Ane is fond of them as well.  Tad ate them, told me they were good, and then…. they came back home in his lunchbox.

I always send some kind of treat in Ane and Tad’s lunchboxes.  It might be a fun size candy bar (especially after Halloween), or a couple of cookies, or (after New Year’s) rainbow jello.  But some kind of treat.  And while Tad is a certified chocoholic, he had never not eaten homemade cookies sent in his lunch.

Until the gingersnaps came home on Monday.

I pulled them out of the lunchbox (at least he hadn’t thrown them away), and said, “Hey, Tad?  You didn’t eat your cookies!”

I thought his stomach might have been upset, or he got distracted by a book or another kid during lunchtime and just forgot to eat them.  (As soon as I held them up, Thumper was at my knee, saying “Pweeze?  Pweeze?”)

Tad looked up from his Legos at the kitchen table, saw me holding up the cookies, and said, “I can’t eat those cookies anymore.  It’s not Christmas.”

I stared at him, dumbfounded.  He really has gingerbread associated with the Christmas season, and he knows Christmas is over (I finally got the last of the decor down and put away, which made Rerun sad), so… no more gingersnaps!  Wrong time of year!

After I got over my initial shock, I actually found it highly amusing.  And I made sure to send him something different.

His little brothers are more than happy to eat his share of the remaining gingersnaps.

One Response to “Tad Speaks – Different Cookies, Please”

  1. Ressis
    February 5th, 2015 06:02

    I’ll eat them!