Presidents’ Day Zoo Trip

The Webmaster actually had the day off, so we headed to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium for the day!  This is the second year in a row we’ve done this – might have to become a tradition.

Tad finally got to “pet” a shark in the touch tank.  It’s hard to make him understand what exactly to do (only use two fingers, only touch in certain spots) when he just probably wants to pick up the shark and hug it, but he did pet several stingrays and a spotted bamboo shark.

Tad's bamboo shark

We let Thumper do a lot of walking (it helped that Daddy was there to assist), but he was definitely wanted to do a lot of running.  He ended up riding on Daddy’s shoulders a lot.

Daddy and Thumper

We saw the tiger cub triplets (all girls), who were so sweet and playful and fuzzy.

Cubs play while Rerun and tiger mom watch

Adorably posed

We also walked over to the Rocky Shores area, where the walruses and seals were out swimming.

Harbor seal

Tad saw this seal swimming at the surface and tried beckoning to it.  I swear that seal actually swam toward him and listened to Tad talk to him for about a minute before he swam off.

Tad communicates with the seal

We spent some time in the play area after that, where I discovered that Rerun has an amazing sense of balance.

Climbing monkey

He climbed to the top of this balance slide without any help twice, and according to the Webmaster, the second time he decided to slide down headfirst on his stomach.

He also LOVED (and hated waiting for turns on) this tilted spinning chair.


The word “dizzy” is not in his vocabulary.

The little boys were completely worn out by the time we left, and napped most (if not all) of the way home.  But we had fun!

The kids with the megalodon jaw

Until next time, Point Defiance!

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