At The Park Without Coats

It’s February and it was so beautiful yesterday, the older two and I eventually stripped off our jackets and hoodies while we were out at the park.

We met up with Danny and John and their mom for an extended park playtime, plus a picnic lunch.  The older kids were running around on their scooters, having a blast without much adult interaction (we were keeping tabs on them), Rerun was all over the place – climbing, coloring with chalk (which Danny’s mom had brought), playing ball with the older kids, swinging on the swings…

There go the kids, Mom!

… and playing with a giant stick that Danny originally found.  Rerun decided it was many things, not the least of which was a stick horse.

Rerun and his stick horse, Sally

He “rode” up to me and said, “Mom, this is my horse, Sally!”

I love that he possesses enough imagination, even in the day of the iPad, to make a big stick into a horse.

Thumper didn’t get to have quite as much “play time” as his siblings – mostly because every time he was set loose, he was making a break for the parking lot.  He did get to try the baby swing…

Swinging at the park

… which was a hit for a while, judging by the amount of “wheeeeees” I heard from him.  But mostly, he was riding along in the new-to-us jogging stroller.  I bought one from a buy/sell/swap site on Facebook not long ago, and this was the perfect day to try it out.  It’s my new exercise plan – I put Thumper in and go.

I set the pedometer app on the iPod going, and three miles (with a lunch break) later….

Fresh air, sunshine, zzzz....

So I got a good workout while Thumper had a nice ride, and then we went home, where he finished a nice, long nap.

I am determined not to waste any of this weather, and I made good on my promise yesterday!

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