Tad and Talli

Tad really does love Talli.  And Talli definitely loves him back.  But Tad has very definite ideas of what dogs should be able to do, and Talli is only a year old.  She still isn’t quite out of puppyhood, and hasn’t quite gotten to Tad’s ideal of how dogs behave.  She’s getting there, though.

So this last week, when we were over at my parents’ house, I told Tad to lie down on the floor and try to get Talli to snuggle with him.

Talli LOVED having Tad on the floor, but was so wiggly that Tad was finding it nearly impossible to relax.

Talli gets right in Tad's face

Getting Talli to lie still is about as easy as keeping Tad quiet.

Trying to relax

And then Talli smelled Tad’s hand… and caught a whiff of lunch.

Licking and laughing

Well, so much for trying to snuggle.


It’s a work in progress.

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