Literate Baby

Thumper has a new bedtime routine.  And it involves a lot of books.

Thumper loves books!

Now that his nursing days are over, we had to come up with a new routine to replace the bedtime snack.  So I pulled together a milk crate full of books that are either “his” or ones that he’s shown a lot of interest in, along with his designated bedtime book (each kid had one), and Daddy reads him about three or four books at bedtime.  Current favorites include Sesame Street’s 123 Count With Me, the Hello Genius series on behaving, and another Thumper book, Thumper Counts to Ten.  Our Thumper has a thing for numbers right now.

He reads his books with Daddy, then he gets his kisses and hugs, and then he gets tucked into his pack and play at the foot of his sister’s bed.

As a result, he’s now actively seeking out more books to read during the day.  We have a lot of fun reading together, and I’m very glad he’s taken to this new routine without complaint.

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