Riding Herd on Homework

The last couple of weeks before midwinter break vacation were not pleasant ones for Ane.  While her math grades are slowly improving, the new semester has also started.  This meant an increase in homework that she belatedly informed us about.

And when I say “belatedly,” I mean at 8 pm on a Thursday night when everything needs to be finished by Friday morning.

It got to the point where the next Thursday, she had to give up her swimming lesson to Rerun in order to make a final push on the homework.  Part of the issue is that the kids are required to put in time on a certain online math program, which tracks the lessons they’ve completed.  The problem is, in order to complete it, you have to get 100 points.  But when you miss a problem, it deducts points.  So, if you start getting wrong answers, you could end up spending a LOT of time on one particular lesson.  In theory, you probably need more practice, but in reality…. the kids have to sleep sometime.  And this is on top of her regular math homework.

This first week back from vacation has been a little bit better, because someone has gotten better about asking about using the computer.  And by someone, I mean ME.  Because I’m having to ask Ane if she needs the computer to get her online math work done.  And usually, the answer is “yes.”

Ironically, Ane was upset with me because, due to a miscommunication, she got her reading homework for this week done over vacation.  Hey, she and I both thought it would be due on Monday.  She came home quite annoyed that she’d gotten it finished way ahead of time.  Now, with the extra math homework, she’s not sorry about it.  But do I get the credit for pushing her?  Nope, not a bit.  Because she’s still annoyed that her brother rarely brings home any homework at all.  (And don’t tell her that life is not fair, because that just annoys her even more.)

We are definitely going to have to work on some better time management skills.

And now, to cleanse the palate, here is a cute baby who stole an entire baguette off the counter.

What?  I'm hungry!

It was delicious, if you couldn’t tell.

Nom nom nom

He was forced to share when dinner was ready.  But he’d had a nice little carb boost.

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