Crash Landing

On school days, Rerun has to get up around 6:40-ish.  Sometimes we get him up a little earlier, sometimes a little later.  The bus comes at 7:15 am, so he and I walk out the door at 7:10.  It makes for an early morning.  By the time Rerun gets home, at around 10:45, he’s ready for lunch.

And then he really needs to take a nap, but…. sometimes, he just refuses.  If we have something going on in the evening, I might force him to rest.  But if we don’t, I may just put him to bed early instead.

And then there are days like yesterday, where Rerun refused to nap, and was playing in the living room.  And then it got very, very quiet.

I found him like this:

Crashed for a nap

I guess the body overrode the mind… this time.

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