Weird Sleep

These days, Ane just drops asleep in the car instantly.  Rerun, if he has not napped earlier, can also crash and snooze.

Last Thursday, I turned around after getting to Grandma’s house (to drop off Thumper on the way to swimming lessons) and saw this:

Half awake, half asleep

Rerun had his chin up and was snoring loudly, but Ane actually fell asleep with her face in her swim bag.  Notice how Tad is completely oblivious to his sister’s position.  Thumper took a nap, so he was wide awake.  (And he is really looking forward to getting to turn around in the car, and no longer face backward, once he turns two.)

So, like any good mother, I took a picture to show everyone.  Because that is what a good mother does – take embarrassing pictures of her children.

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