March Birthday Blowout!

Rerun spent all day asking “Can I have a cupcake NOW???”  It was pure torture to make him wait.  He finally got his long-awaited Angry Birds cupcakes.

Angry Birds cupcakes

And Thumper had his own Cookie Monster cupcakes, complete with little chocolate chip cookies.

Cookie Monster cupcakes

The little boys were ready to party!

With the presents

Rerun was eager to open presents, but Thumper didn’t see the point.  He would have rather spent his time eating potato chips.  Ane finally had to block his path to the kitchen table and hold the chip bowl in her lap, so he could help himself and still look like he was interested in opening gifts.

Rerun tore right in.

Rerun opens his presents

Thumper was curious about several of his gifts…

Thumper is wary of the Count hand puppet

… but was instantly in love with his new toy laptop…

Playing on his laptop

… and his own little plush Baymax.  The older kids’ love of the movie “Big Hero 6” has rubbed off on Thumper, who now calls Baymax the robot “Beemaw.”

Thumper and his "Beemaw"

Rerun’s favorite gift (from Mom and Dad) was also “Big Hero 6” related – Baymax’s mask and punching fist from his armor suit.

Rerun as Baymax 2.0

This has all the promise of a really good Halloween costume next October.

And FINALLY, it was time for cupcakes!

Thumper helps himself

Thumper picked his own cupcake, and then we sang to him (with Grandma’s hands making sure that he didn’t get burned).

Two lit candles!

Cookie Monster was very tasty.

Nom nom nom

And then it was Rerun’s turn.

Rerun with his birthday cupcakes

He enjoyed this one last birthday hurrah…

Blowing out 5 candles!

… and then he finally got to eat a cupcake.  He picked a Red Bird.

And that was one successful combined birthday party!  And now I’m off the hook until this summer!  Yay!

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