Off To Camp!

I can hardly believe this, but Ane is off to 5th Grade Camp this week!

Ane waits for the bus

In our school district, the entire 5th grade spends three days, two nights, at an overnight camp.  I did this myself at her age, as did the Major, Ressis, and Auntie when they were all in 5th grade.  However, when we went, the 5th grade went to Whidbey Island to stay at Fort Casey (we called it “Camp Casey” while we were there).  It was a very cool place to go with great views and lots of history.  However, Seattle Pacific University now leases most of the buildings at the fort.  So, for the last several years, the school district has sent the 5th graders to Camp Cedar Springs in Lake Stevens.  It is primarily a church camp, and I went there once for a winter youth weekend in high school.  The Major also spent time at Cedar Springs and I think he was the one who gave it the nickname “Soggy Springs.”

In her camp shirt

Ane packed her rain boots and her rain jacket, so she should be okay, even if it does rain on them!

It is awfully quiet around here, with just the boys…. but I am sure she is having fun!

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