Father-Daughter Dance Night!

Last Friday was the high school’s annual father-daughter dance for elementary age girls.  This year’s theme was “Candyland,” so Ane asked if she could go as a cupcake.

Since it’s not a costume dance, we went with a fluffy pastel look, I made her a tulle skirt with 4 different colors of tulle, and she wore nearly every piece of cupcake jewelry she owns – earrings, bracelet, necklace, and barrettes.

Ane, all dressed up

And she and the Webmaster posed for their picture together.

Ane and the Webmaster

The dance was a little less crowded this year, and the DJ was a lot better, I’m told.  They had a good time and went out for frozen yogurt afterward.  And Ane wants to keep her tulle skirt to wear again – though probably to church, not next year’s dance!

The boys and I stayed home with pizza and Sesame Street.  Thumper really loves Sesame Street, and the other two never object to watching it.  It’s a win for everyone!

2 Responses to “Father-Daughter Dance Night!”

  1. linda
    April 1st, 2015 05:29

    Handsome and Beautiful!
    Wonderful Memories for Both!

  2. Ressis
    April 1st, 2015 05:57

    She looks like the sugar plum fairy!