Happy Easter 2015!

The sun was shining on Easter morning.

Easter 2015

And per our usual tradition, the Easter bunny shows up while we are at church (because we would never be able to leave the house in the morning if the kids got gifts first).

Full baskets!


Ane and Tad's baskets

Rerun and Thumper's baskets

The kids each got a toy, a book, and a Big Hero 6 T-shirt in their baskets from the Easter bunny.

Ane with her basket

Tad with his basket

Rerun and his basket

We could hardly get Thumper to look up from his basket!

Too fascinated with the contents!

We finally conned him into looking up for his favorite cat video and got a smile.  Mommy has all the tricks down pat.

Thumper and his basket

The kids got a little time to play with their new toys before we headed over to Grandma and Gichan’s for Easter dinner and the egg hunt!  More pictures tomorrow….

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