Spring Break, and It’s Raining

Because this is the greater Pacific Northwest, that’s why.

We don’t have many plans this week – unlike last year, when we flew to Washington DC (I can’t believe that was a YEAR ago!) – but the kids all have their regular activities on tap (speech and ABA for Tad, math tutoring for Ane, swimming lessons), and since the weather is supposed to improve a little later in the week, we’re planning on a zoo trip.

In the meantime, the kids are getting a little extra XBox time and feeling like the kids in “The Cat in the Hat” – the sun is not shining, it’s too wet to play, so they sat in the house all that cold, cold wet day.

Ane and I have already baked cookies (chocolate chip shortbread), and I’m racking my brain to think of fun things to dig up and do.

Because goodness knows, I don’t want the TV on all week long.

Rain, rain, go away!

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