Odd Things

Most of Tad’s quirks are well known to frequent readers of the blog.  He loves Batman and sharks, will only eat a certain brand of applesauce, he wants to keep every scrap of paper he’s ever drawn on….

But the little boys have their own weird habits, too.

Rerun, for example, has issues with The LEGO Movie at the moment.  He likes the characters, he likes the toys, he likes the books – but if you try and show him the movie, he begins to have a complete meltdown tantrum.  It’s so bad that he doesn’t even want OTHER people watching the movie.  Tad can be sitting behind him in the car, watching the movie on the iPad, and if Rerun even gets a hint that it’s The LEGO Movie, he begins to cry.

I can’t pinpoint the reason behind this, and he doesn’t have the capacity to explain it to me.  It’s just weird.

Thumper hates “broken food.”  Here’s an example – last week, we were having pizza for dinner after swimming at Grandma’s.  When I handed Thumper his cheese pizza, he picked it up awkwardly and the cheese, which was still warm and stringy, slid right off the crust and onto the plate.  Thumper burst into tears.  His pizza was broken.  He did not stop crying until he got a new slice of pizza that was in one piece.

We’ve noticed this before with Thumper, but it’s had more to do with cookies – the cookie got broken, his brother took a bite out of his cookie, the dog took a bite out his cookie (yes, that happened) – and I thought it had more to do with the fact that external forces (brother, dog, gravity) messed things up.  With the pizza, that was a different story.  And it was odd.

It’s a good thing they’re cute.

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