We Survived Spring Break

Not that it was all bad, but it wasn’t all good, either.  Somehow, this was worse than mid-winter break, and I’m not sure why.  Spring fever?  Last year’s vacation?  Kids that are a year older and bicker more than last year?

Anyway, we made it through, and I am sending the older three off to school with a smile on my face today.  (Seriously, I was about to perform an exorcism on Rerun.)

In other news, Thumper is making GREAT progress on drinking from an open cup.

Big boy, drinking from an open cup!

However, he will ONLY drink water or fat-free milk.  He will not drink whole milk.  Or 2%.  Or even 1%, which I tried last night at Friend and Doc’s house.  He took one sip and then shoved it away.  He likes his liquids thin, and his yogurts thick (he eats whole milk yogurt).  He had his first sip of Coke from a straw on Saturday, and promptly spit it out.  I don’t think he was expecting the bubbles.  Ane thought it was hysterical.

Thumper and I will enjoy a little peace and quiet today, before anyone comes home from school.  Getting our regular schedule back will be the best help we can have.

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