New Bike Night!

Ane has long since outgrown the bike she’s been riding (my old one that I got on my 8th birthday), but that was what she had, so that is what she rode.  But summer is coming, and she keeps getting taller.  So the Webmaster took her to a local bike shop to try out some new bicycles, and to get her sized properly.

We discovered two things:
1) Ane is now 4′ 11″ tall (which means she has grown three-quarters of an inch since her birthday in December)

2) As a result, she needs to be riding a women’s sized bicycle, not a kids’ one.


3) Adult-sized bikes are much more expensive than kids’ ones.  Oh yeah.

After talking Ane out of a $400 bike that she tried out at the shop (and it DID take some talking), we ordered a bicycle for her from the Stuff Mart of the internet, Amazon, for significantly less than the bike at the shop.  Her bike arrived Wednesday, partially assembled, in a very big box.  And after dinner, the Webmaster put it together to make sure we had all the pieces (the box had acquired a hole in the side during transit, so it was a good idea to put it together quickly and make sure things were okay).

Once it was all put together, Ane took it for a spin.

Ane and her new bike

The bike is a women’s beach cruiser – one-speed, foot brakes, 26 inch wheels, and she had her choice of several colors.  I tried to talk her into British Racing Green, but she went with her new favorite color, turquoise.  A one-speed is really all she needs for riding around the cul-de-sac with Little Mo, despite what the bike shop could show her.

Of course, if big sister is outside, that means the boys have to join in, too.

Ane and Tad, late night riders

The Webmaster finally managed to drag them all inside at 8:30 pm for bed.

She has to get used to the bigger bike, but I know she is looking forward to a lot of riding this coming summer!

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  1. Nana
    April 23rd, 2015 06:42

    Good news!