Mother’s Day 2015

We went for the laid-back, potluck BBQ type of Mother’s Day get-together.  Gichan put a turkey breast into the smoker (and it was GOOOOOOOD), and there was a bunch of potlucky picnic food.  We came, we saw, we ate.

And we took pictures.  Unfortunately Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa missed out this year (Great-Grandma is continuing in her quest to become the Bionic Woman and had knee replacement surgery recently, so she was at home resting), but I insisted on a few good shots.

Mother's Day 2015

Obachan with the kids

Deanna, Obachan, Grandma, and Ane

We were going for a “four generations” picture, but Gichan said that Grandma should be in it for Mother’s Day, not him.

I had a wonderful day with handmade gifts from Ane and Tad (made at school), cards, flowers, and a copy of Pioneer Girl (which was ordered five months ago and arrived in time to save the Webmaster a shopping trip).

Here’s to all the moms out there – I hope your day was relaxed and enjoyable!  And now, back to real life – and SCHOOL!  Everyone is healthy, so everyone is back at school today!!!  YAAAAAY!!!

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