Have The Ladder Handy

Rerun got this Little Tikes t-ball set from the Major and Q-Bee for Christmas last year.

Rerun, last Christmas

It is, quite undoubtedly, a little kids’ toy.

This has not stopped Ane and Tad from playing with it.

With the weather so good lately, the kids have all been outside playing “baseball” – their version, with one bat, two balls, three of them and one little ball boy who steals the ball (Thumper).  One ball got hit onto our roof a couple weekends ago when the Brain, Head, Rupert, and Ringo were over playing ball as well, but since they still had one ball, all was well.

Then Tad hit the second ball onto the roof.

This meant bringing the taller ladder out of the shed, and Mom climbing onto our roof to throw down both balls.  Fortunately, our roof is a rather low-pitched torchdown roof, so it’s easy to walk around up there in good shoes.

Then Ane hit a ball up on the roof.

Up I went again.

Then it happened again, and the second ball got hit into the neighbor’s yard.

Ane went and fetched that ball while I went up on the roof AGAIN.  And I told them that THIS WAS THE LAST TIME TODAY THAT I WAS GETTING ON THAT ROOF.

A short time later, I hear an “OH NO” from both Ane and Tad.

Ane had hit a ball onto the neighbor’s roof.

I made her carry the ladder (which is a lightweight aluminum) over to their house to fetch the ball (it was right in their gutter, so she didn’t have to get on their roof).  The neighbors were laughing about the whole thing, which was good.

I then told Ane and Tad that they were too old to be using Rerun’s bat and balls, and the next time they play baseball, it should be on a field with Auntie pitching.

I’m tired of climbing up on the roof.

One Response to “Have The Ladder Handy”

  1. Auntie
    May 28th, 2015 19:18

    Obviously they are under the ball and popping it up! We have a loooonnnggg summer ahead of us! ;]