Star Wars and Baseball!

The Mariners combined a few of our favorite things last Friday night.  Baseball.  Fireworks.  And STAR WARS.

With the Mariner Moose!

There were photo opportunities with stormtroopers.  And Darth Vader and other characters, if you had the time and patience to wait in line.  (The boys did not).

The kids with the stormtroopers

I love the look on Thumper’s face in the above picture.  He’s become such a Star Wars addict, and he can’t quite believe his eyes.

Each of the boys was dressed in a Star Wars t-shirt.  The two older boys wore their Mariners hats (Thumper will not keep a hat on) as well.  When we got to the park, though, we found a GREAT new shirt for Tad.  There were three special shirts printed up for Star Wars Night – two for men, one for kids.  Fortunately, I fit into a kids XXL.  Now Tad and I have matching shirts!

Tad and Mom

Ane doesn’t have a Star Wars shirt that fits her at the moment (we need to fix that), so she wore her pink Mariners jersey, with a familiar hairdo.

Princess Ane at the ballgame

She knew her hair looked cool, but was kind of self-conscious about it…. until she saw a half-dozen other girls and women with their hair in Leia buns, too.

The kids made the big screen during the game by having a lightsaber fight in the stands.  They were very excited over this accomplishment!

Dueling lightsabers

Thumper was busy being trouble.  Just like his shirt said.

Darth Thumper

The big event of the game (besides the Mariners WIN!) was the fireworks, all set to Star Wars music.  The kids were thrilled.  Rerun tolerates fireworks much better than he used to, and Thumper just sat with wide eyes, taking it all in.

A good time was had by all.

Tad and his lightsaber

As if you couldn’t tell.

Rerun the padawan

Now, if only the Mariners would win more games….

One Response to “Star Wars and Baseball!”

  1. Nana
    June 25th, 2015 06:49

    What photo ops! And being on the big screen! And here we were hoping you caught the fireworks on tv! A time to remember. You guys do fun stuff 🙂