Thumper Goes To The Dentist

And he was a total pill.  Do not let this picture fool you.

In the big chair

I’m the only person who could get him to open his mouth, until he started screaming at the end.  And his insistence on keeping his jaws shut meant he was biting our dentist’s fingers when she tried to pry his mouth open.

Did I mention that his two-year-old molars are all coming in AT THE SAME TIME?  The two bottom have broken through completely, the top two are still emerging.  His appetite has been lousy for weeks – turning down food I know he likes – and he’s been chewing on his fingers.  Now we know why.

The older three had their regular checkups as well, and the boys have significantly improved their dentist etiquette.  Yay for small victories that come with age.

And yay for no cavities!

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