Recovery? What Recovery?

Rerun woke up yesterday morning, chipper as could be.  “Good morning, Mom!  Good morning, Dad!”

I stared at him.  “Are you for real?”  He just smiled at me.

When I asked him how his throat felt, he swallowed and said “not better.”  Apparently he only has two levels of pain – “better” and “not better.”

We have stayed on top of any potential pain by alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen, and attempted to keep him somewhat sedentary and quiet with threats (“You stop jumping right now or I’m putting you in bed!”) and bribes (“You want to play Xbox?  Yes, you may.”).

I feel like I should be offering a profound apology to every other parent out there whose child suffered in pain and agony after having their tonsils removed.  I am very, very sorry that they suffered and my son is apparently not suffering at all.  Let me reassure you that your child is normal, and mine is the mutant.

The surgical center called and gave him the all-clear to eat what he wants, aside from sharp things (so no crackers, chips, cookies, or toast) or citrus (which would burn the throat).  That opens up his diet back to almost normal, which makes our lives a lot easier.

And we’ll see if his good mood continues.

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