Summer Treats and Games

We were off at the ballpark again last night, and it ended up being a LATE night.  Auntie was working as a ball girl, and rode to the game with us, so we very well couldn’t leave her behind!

Fortunately, we took advantage of some of her great perks.  Like the discounted food.  Even though I had packed food, everyone had room for some pizza.


On our way to our seats, we got let out of the elevator in the Moose’s Den.  Which meant it was time to stop for a picture!

Picture with the Moose!

Then we managed to get Auntie’s attention down on the field, and got some pictures with her.

Auntie with the kids


Then we met up with the Webmaster, who had taken the bus over from work, and got to our seats.  We were on the 200 level, which is now officially called “The Terrace Club.”  And it.  Was.  Nice.

Waiting for the game to start!

To begin with, the seats are cushioned.  The bathrooms are nearby.  The whole place has a real suite-like feel.  Ane declared that it is her new favorite spot to sit.  And the view was great.  We owe Auntie thanks for the HUGE discount!

The game was tight, and then the Mariners tied it up in the bottom of the ninth.  We went to extra innings.  It was 11 pm and a certain little one began to wilt visibly.

Not built for extra innings

Sadly, we didn’t get out of the 10th, and lost by one run.  But we were on the edge of our cushioned seats until then.  And even though we lost, the kids had a great time, and crashed immediately once we got home (and Thumper barely woke up to have his teeth brushed before being tucked into bed).

One Response to “Summer Treats and Games”

  1. Nana
    July 28th, 2015 07:37

    Great pix! Cool seats! I caught the last inning after play practice. Y’all are having quite a summer….