There are the screams that mean “my brother hit me” or “my brother took my toy.”  (Notice how many times brothers are involved here?)

Then there are the screams that mean something is really wrong.

Thumper let one of those loose last night while playing outside.  The Webmaster grabbed him and brought him in, saying “I think he was stung!”

Initially, the Webmaster thought it was his hand.  But we couldn’t find anything, and as Thumper was crying, he was rubbing his right side.  I unsnapped his onesie and lifted the shirt to find FOUR sting marks along his ribcage.  At that moment, the Webmaster spotted a yellow jacket that had followed us inside.  He managed to trap and kill it between the window glass and the screen near the kitchen table, while I got Thumper some Benadryl and a cold pack.

And then I set Thumper up with his YouTube playlist of orchestras playing Star Wars music.

Thumper and his orchestra

He’s partial to the BBC Concert Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic.

It was a scary moment, but he is a tough little critter and was back outside playing later.  No stupid yellow jacket is going to keep HIM down.

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