Jumping Up Party!

Tuesday, we threw Tad’s party with his friends at Pump It Up.  This year, we had an even larger crowd than usual, because Tad’s made more friends that have made an impression on him.  Our usual close friends were there, but we added more this year – Lisa’s Bean (who is really more a friend of Rerun and Thumper), and Lass and Collie, who Tad knows from school.  Their mother was Tad’s bus driver this last year, and the girls got to know Tad very well over the course of the school year as they rode the bus home every day.  He was so thrilled to see them at his party!

Tad and "his girls"

Collie and Ane are the same age and both going into sixth grade, and they hit it off instantly.

Ane gets rolled!

The mix of ages and abilities just seemed to mesh really well this year, and the party was a blast.

Rerun slides!

Ane and John battle in air hockey

The little boys building crew

Bubble machine!

The table was quite full and hungry for lunch when the jumping and playing was over!


Tad and Danny, with Thumper nearby

The theme this year is “Big Hero 6” and I managed to make a pretty fun cake!

Tad and his Baymax cake

The cake is the robot Baymax’s face.  Even Thumper recognized it instantly when I was done, so I knew I’d done an okay job!

Blowing out ten candles

Tad had a wonderful party.

Birthday boy!

And yesterday, he promptly went out and spent some of his birthday gift cards at his favorite store.

Birthday loot!

Now, he just has to wait for his family party on Saturday, and then his birthday week will be complete!

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