Family Party!

Saturday was Tad’s family party, and if we were to judge by his smiles, he had a great time!


There were lots of LEGO gift cards, which he really wanted, but don’t make for great photo ops.  He did get some other fun things…

Shark book!

A shark shirt from Hawaii

One of his best lines of the night: “Look!  A Batman book and a church shirt!”

Posing with his stuff

More books

And right before Tad got his cake, we had a special surprise for Gichan.  Because Saturday was his birthday!

Ane brings in a cookie cake

I made a giant cookie for him, and Ane brought it in and we all sang.

The giant cookie

Tad decided mid-week that he wanted an ice-cream cake for his party instead of a chocolate cake, so I picked one up for him, and decorated it with the Big Hero 6 figurines I’d bought earlier.

Tad and his cake

I think the birthday boys enjoyed their treats!

The birthday boys, and Rerun

And now Rerun is counting down the days until it’s HIS birthday.  Watching Tad have two parties nearly killed him.

One Response to “Family Party!”

  1. Nana
    August 18th, 2015 06:54

    We love that boy…. And a good time was had by all!!!