Open House!

Both Rerun and Tad had their school open houses yesterday (Ane will have hers today).  The Webmaster took Rerun to his, where they discovered that Rerun’s friend Mac will also be in his class, and Rerun promptly blew his teachers away by sitting down, writing “Angry Birds 2” on a piece of paper, and saying to them, “This says ‘Angry Birds 2’ – have you played it?”

Oh, Rerun.

Tad was a little apprehensive because he has a new teacher and a new classroom.  It did help that his previous teacher, Ms. S, will be right next door (and she ran out to see him and give him a giant hug), and it also helped when he found his good friend Jay.  They were in class together last year, and will be again this year.

Tad and Jay

There will be seven kids in the class – four 4th graders (Tad included), three 5th graders, and one 6th grader.  It sounds like a pretty good mix of ages – though we have yet to see about personalities.  But Tad was busy running into other kids he knew all evening – including Lass and Collie, and one friend he’s known since 1st grade, Henry.  Other kids were greeting him, and there was a definite back-to-school vibe in the air.

I think we’re all ready for this!

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