The Summer Storm

If you haven’t heard by now, there was a pretty significant windstorm that swept through the north Puget Sound area on Saturday.  Whole trees were blown over, roots and all.  Ane and I ended up driving through some of it and saw the damage and the debris first hand.

The storm also knocked the power out at our house Saturday afternoon…. and as I write this, late Monday night, it STILL has not come back on.

We had a brief glimmer of hope on Sunday morning, when the power came on for about 30 seconds, and then disappeared again, followed by a BOOM.  Our best guess is when the grid was repaired, a transformer along the line decided to blow.

Thanks to the kindness of the Handy Family, we are borrowing a generator in hopes of saving most of the contents of our fridge and freezer.  Some of the fridge stuff got moved to Grandma and Gichan’s house before the generator was borrowed as well.  They never lost power, so we’ve been over there for showers and laundry, and recharging devices as well.  The Webmaster has managed to power the wi-fi off the generator, which is allowing me to post tonight.

School starts Wednesday, and I’m really hoping we have power back by then.  And say a prayer for Tad – power outages are VERY hard for him to cope with.

I’ll be able to blog again regularly once the lights come back on.

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