Obachan’s Birthday

In the middle of the power outage, we celebrated Obachan’s birthday.  Fortunately, once you left our part of town there was more power and less wind damage, so the Red Robin near Grandma and Gichan’s house was up and running.

Her birthday was Sunday, and we all went out for lunch after church.

Obachan's birthday

Don’t ask me why Rerun keeps flashing a peace sign when pictures get taken.  I can’t explain it.

We didn’t try and get a posed picture of her with all the kids, because it’s always a struggle.  The quick candid smiles always end up better.  And this is a really good picture, despite Rerun’s weirdness.  Or maybe because of his weirdness.

Every birthday we get to celebrate with Obachan is special.  I feel so blessed that the kids know their great-grandmother so well.

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