Labor Day Baseball Game

The Mariners were so nice as to schedule a late afternoon game on Labor Day.  Auntie was working the game as a ball girl.  So the six of us, along with Grandma and Gichan, took advantage of her ticket discount and got seats in the Terrace Club (200 level).  It’s becoming one of our favorite places in the park to sit.

But first, we had to wander through the Pen…

Ane, Tad, and Rerun at the bullpen

Thumper in his M's shirt

… and then get some food.


We had arrived at the game early, so I took Rerun over to the playground in center field.  Ane and Tad are too tall to play there, and Thumper is in that awkward stage of “big enough to play, small enough to be squashed.”  So Rerun spent nearly an hour at the play area, and loved every minute of it.  I listened to the first three innings over the loudspeakers while we were in there.

Once we got back to our seats, Thumper was in need of a nap, and that was Mama’s job.


He woke up a half hour later, when Brad Miller hit a triple and the crowd cheered.  It’s hard to sleep through some 20,000 people cheering.

The kids had a good time, and between four adults, we managed to keep them all off iPads and iPods until the 9th inning.


It’s a shame the Mariners didn’t win – they had a five-game winning streak going – but the kids love being at the ballpark!  Most of the time.  When the game isn’t boring.  And Mom has good snacks.

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