Tad Speaks… Malapropisms

Tad is the master of the malapropism – the mistake of saying a similar sounding word for the word you mean to say.  For example….

Back in late August, Ane’s allergies were acting up, and she’d been having a lot of nosebleeds as a result.

Tad sees his sister with a tissue stuffed up her nose and says, “Oh, no, what happened??”

“My nose is bleeding again,” she replies.



Tad says confidently, “You know, damselfish eat allergies to make the sick coral all better.”  Pause.  “That’s from Octonauts.”

“That’s ALGAE, not allergies!!!” his sister yells.

He said another one recently, while having to apologize for a anger-induced outburst at Grandma and Gichan’s.

“Mom, I’m sorry I lost my temperature.”

How am I supposed to keep a straight face when he says that???

We are sending birthday wishes to Little Cowgirl, who is 8 years old today!!!  Happy birthday, sweetie!  We miss you!

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