Reading Homework

This year’s homework is shaping up to be interesting.

Ane has a normal sixth-grade load, though with the long-term sub she has right now while her teacher is out on maternity leave, it might be a little lighter than usual.  Fortunately, she is feeling much more confident in math.  And her reading homework is now on the honor system, with 15 minutes a day required, and at least once over the weekend, with no parental signature needed.

Tad has brought home some math worksheets (and is slowly working his way through a second-grade math book in class).  So far, it hasn’t been very consistent, but I’ve been told he will bring home a worksheet on Fridays.  This actually gives us a chance to have him do some math work with his ABA therapist, which works out well.

Rerun gets a homework “packet” on Fridays, which has a few “assignments.”  Color this pictures, trace these numbers, simple counting math worksheets.  And a reading log.  Minimum 15 minutes a day Monday through Thursday, and once Friday through Sunday.

Last night, Rerun picked a Scaredy Squirrel book and read it to me.  And he really did most of the reading.  He had a hard time with a few words… like “suspicious” and “encountering” and “piranhas.”  (Words he could read easily: “dangerous,” “predator,” “Godzilla.”)

The class is working on a list of “sight words” right now.  This week’s words are “a,” “the” and “see.”

It’s a good thing he’s got more than one set of eyes watching him in class, because the little freak needs some challenges when it comes to reading.

“I wonder if my parents felt like this,” I said to the Webmaster.

“About raising a weirdo?” he asked.

Yeah, that.  Thanks, dear.

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  1. Ressis
    September 22nd, 2015 06:20

    I don’t know about Mom and Dad, but we definitely thought you were a weirdo.