Cross Country Season Starts!

And she’s off and running!  Literally.

Ane, first race of 2015

The cross country season has begun at the elementary schools, and the first meet was Tuesday. Ane’s school was technically hosting the meet, but because parking is an unmitigated, unsolvable disaster at her school, the district moved it to a different school and gave her school the hosting duties (provide parents/teachers for course guides, at the finish line, tally the kids, etc).

By the time kids get to sixth grade, the field has winnowed away to two kinds of kids – those who are really good at running, and those who enjoy running. Ane is in the latter group. She placed 10th out of 12 girls, but she’s doing cross country because she enjoys it, not because she’s the fastest.

This isn’t to say that she wouldn’t like to be a little faster. After all, who wouldn’t?

One Response to “Cross Country Season Starts!”

  1. Nana
    September 30th, 2015 07:14

    Good for her! We are so proud!!