Playing in Dirt at Church

Well, we had a good reason for it!

Our church is beginning a building expansion to put a kids’ wing on the current structure.  Yesterday was the official groundbreaking ceremony before the real work gets started this week.  Several shovels stood ready for kids to use, and our children’s pastor selected several kids out of the crowd to be a part of it.  Tad was thrilled to be picked to represent our family.

Tad at the groundbreaking

Ane and Rerun each turned some dirt themselves, too.  Sadly, Thumper and the Webmaster missed this event.  Thumper has been fighting off a cold that his sister shared with him since late last week, so he stayed home and didn’t share with anyone else.

Rerun flips some dirt over

Ane turns a shovel

This will be a day long remembered as the one where the kids got to dig in the mud at church.

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