Boy Plus Dog

This picture was taken a couple of weekends ago, but Rerun and Talli are an interesting pair.

Rerun and Talli

Emotionally, the 22 month old dog and the 5 1/2 year old boy are the same age.  Talli has a different relationship with each kid.  Ane liked her more when she was smaller – not the giant klutz she is now.  Tad sees her as his friend, and would love to cuddle with her more – if she would sit still.  Thumper and Talli are kind of like Timmy and Lassie – after she stopped knocking him over, she learned to follow him around like a faithful watchdog.  Plus, he’s been known to share treats with her (she’s also been known to snatch them out of his hand, too).

Rerun and Talli are rivals.  They fight constantly.  But they always come back to each other.  Talli is visibly disappointed if I show up without kids at her house – and she is always looking for Rerun.

Mostly for moments like this.

You have my ball!

We have to separate them all the time – but they do play together.  Sometimes, they even play nicely.

Let’s hope one of them gets a little more mature soon – and I’m not sure it’s going to be the boy.

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