Pumpkin Carving Fun!

It was finally time to carve the pumpkins!  First, we had to clean them out.

Thumper touches the pumpkin guts

Thumper was not impressed with what his mother made him touch.


Rerun was also squeamish, but at least gave it a shot…

Scooping seeds

… right until he decided it was taking too long, so Mom should just do it.

Tad and Ane knew they didn’t have excuses.

Tad cleans out his pumpkin

Ane starts on her pumpkin

Each of the older kids knew what design they wanted.  Rerun wanted a traditional jack o’lantern face, and drew it for me.

Drawing a face

We had to have a conversation about “proportion.”  This was the finished product:

Tad based his pumpkin design off one of his favorite book characters, Scaredy Squirrel, and his suggestion for a “friendly” pumpkin face…

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares For Halloween

… and this was the final result!

Tad's pumpkin

Ane did her own work, using a stencil, and went with a TARDIS on her pumpkin.

Ane's pumpkin

Thumper didn’t have an opinion about his pumpkin until he saw what his mother had made for him.

Thumper's pumpkin

I think they all turned out well!

The 2015 pumpkins!

And they will still be plenty fresh for Saturday!

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    Wonderful new Memories!

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