Reading Homework, Again

As part of the kindergarten curriculum, Rerun’s general ed teacher sent home a nice sturdy packet with some reading books and a letter home to parents.  After doing literacy assessments on the class, Mrs. M is now sending home reading-level appropriate books once a week, individualized for each child.  She asked us to keep track of which books she has sent home on a Reading Log that will be kept in the packet, so she can avoid duplicating books.

The books being sent home are graded on the Reading A-Z level chart.  The stated goal is to have everyone in the class reading at level C by the end of the school year.

I read the level, and then I checked the books that were sent home in Rerun’s packet, specifically for him.

They are level D.  And he blew right through them.

It’s a good thing he doesn’t realize how weird he is.  Then again, I don’t recall that I realized how weird I was when I was his age, either.

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